Kodak InSite Prepress Portal System is an application for document remote viewing by customer. InSite fully replaced paper plotters. Moreover adds high-speed communications – the service is available online. In addition to the preview data there is Advanced Preflighting module available where errors are listed in the internal control data Prinergy workflow software. Found errors can be easily highlighted in the preview.

Online communication between customer and preflight staff for more complex data is possible via InSite system. Interactive tools as text or graphics annotation, densitometer or rules are available. Online communications over one electronic document eliminates confusion in terminology between graphics and preflight staff.

After reviewing the data can be approved for printing by the system InSite. This again reduces the time required for transfer of information between the customer and the printer. Communication is clear, rapid and highly efficient.

InSite system is used in two modes. The arrangements for customers with a low frequency of jobs, where for each job is separately generated temporary access via a secure link. Access to the job is provided via e-mail message.

Customers who have a high frequency of jobs have their own account in InSite. After logging into the system customer can view all their active jobs. For your own graphics designers you can send a secure link for individual job.

Customer does not need a special software for using InSite. InSite requires only an internet connection, web browser, Flash and Java plugins. All of these components are free of charge and are available for free download.

InSite application is available at