PDF file creation

The most important points for creating PDF:
  • correct size – trimmed size must be the same as ordered size and all the pages of the document must be the same size
  • bleeding and safe distances – for pages that bleed it is necessary to prepare bleeding spaces at least 3 mm in all directions (including the spine), the distance of objects in trimmed size must be 3 mm too  
  • correct rotation – all the pages must be in correct rotation (this means they can be read), all of them must have the same rotation 
  • centering – trimmed format must be in PDF exactly in the middle
  • correct color – files must have the same color that will be used for printing 
  • resolution – pictures should have resolution at least 250 dpi, drawings 800 dpi – lower resolution is risky, there is possibility individual picture elements will be visible 
  • fonts – all the fonts must be embedded in the document (this is done during PS file creation) 
  • line thickness – line thickness should be at least 0,075 mm (0,213 pt), thinner lines may cause problems during printing (for example it is impossible to print line thinner than 0,070 mm on an offset paper) 
  • PDF version, drives – it is necessary to use PDF version 1.3 (this is set in Acrobat Distiller when creating PDF – Distiller drive can be used). For PS file creating it is the best to use PPD drive of our imaging unit (Heidelberg Primesetter or Creo Brisque) 
How to create PS file
  • without trimming marks
    : it is necessary to create file of the trimmed size (or size with bleeds + 3 mm for each side). 
  • with trimming marks
    : it is possible to create any PDF format but trimmed format must be centered. Trimming marks must be at the distance 3 mm from the format in order to create space for bleeding.

How to create PDF file
  • through postscript file (*.ps, *.pm) generating *.pdf by Acrobat Distiller
  • export from source application with above mentioned principles
  • Data of block produce as unit, where data aren't oversize, maximum size of file 500MB